Skincity is an online skincare clinic that offers a finely-tuned selection of professional skincare products and make-up. Our unique concept shines through in the small details. Always having the most advanced skincare products on the market, unique tests with skincare analysis, carefully wrapped parcels and free samples with each order gives you on-par service with a regular in-store visit. We are also extremely proud of our competent customer support, consisting entirely of certified skincare therapists.


The digital doors to Skincity opened in 2011 - back then as just a small family business with only two employees, proud to be one of the very first online shops to offer professional skincare products wherever the customer wanted them and with an equal level of service that you would expect from a physical store.

Skincity was created from the idea of an online skincare clinic. Skincare therapist and previous PR and product manager Annica Forsgren Kjellman, who also runs the blog, together with Mikael Kjellman, an entrepreneur with lengthy experience within online business, were not going to wait for someone else to make a go of it. Their vision was to offer the absolute best quality products on the market, available for everyone, and to easily be able to spread knowledge about skincare.


Most of us that work here are certified skincare therapists (and make-up artists) and our whole range is carefully chosen by us so you can be certain that you are getting the best products for your skin.

We pride ourselves on being extremely selective when it comes to which brands we stock and will only allow a few select brands through our filter. We want to be sure that the products you as a customer order from us are carefully tested, result-oriented and have thorough research behind them. Our selection process means that we can guarantee that every item ordered from us will be of the best quality for your skin.

We are constantly streamlining our selection to be up to date with the latest products whilst always being sure to have the highest quality selection that the current market has to offer. We are always looking for new brands, better product ingredients and innovations - and our search takes us all over the world. We look for brands that are sold in both physical stores as well as online but most importantly, have well documented results with lots of happy customers. It is also important for us to not focus as much on the “latest trends”, instead relying on products that are here to stay.

For the refined collection of brands that get past our scrutinous selection process comes another phase in our testing. We carefully inspect each product, thoroughly check the ingredients, feel the consistency of the product and evaluate the results. The brands and products that eventually survive to the final cut are guaranteed to be products that we are proud to offer to you.


When you call, email or chat with us you are always met with a skincare therapist that can help you find the right products for your skin. We will guide you to a skincare routine that is designed around your wishes with your skin in mind. We hope that our passion for skincare rubs off on you! We will always make sure to reply to your query as quickly as possible whether it is about skincare, your order, returns or other questions. Our ambition is always to give our customers the best personalised experience when it comes to choice of products for your skin.


In order to offer the same service you would expect at a physical clinic, it is important for us to offer you a skin analysis in order to find out what your skin really needs. Through our unique skin test we are able to give a professional evaluation of your skin and therefore offer recommend you a complete set of products that is tailored to suit your individual needs. These tests have been around since the beginning and are a vital part of Skincity. Our skin analysis comes with a variety of tests, depending on what you are looking for and can be designed for either those who are new to a skincare regime, or for those wishing to fine tune their current routine. Our skincare therapists go through each analysis manually and give a unique recommendation to each result.

We are passionate about skincare and delight in teaching others about it. We want to spread our knowledge to give our customers an experience that reaches far beyond just the purchase itself. An important part of Skincity is The Skin Guide, where we gather knowledge and expert advice to give you inspiration and quick answers to your questions. You can find information about skin types, skin conditions and common ingredients in products.



Skincare is the most important thing for us and we want to spread the knowledge that we have gained about skin and skincare, as well as the value of choosing the right products. Our customer service consists entirely of skincare therapists and through contact with them, reading our newsletters and checking out our social media we aim to teach and inspire. Our goal is that you will feel as equally as excited about skincare as we are!


Your skin is the bodies’ largest organ and it deserves the best. That is why we have carefully chosen our selection with quality in mind. With us you can always be sure to find the absolute best in skincare. Everything we do is with care, whether it is recommending products or talking about how our orders are packed. We take our profession and our work very seriously - just as we do with each and every customer. We want you to have a unique and inspiring experience with us.


The combination of our wide range of professional skincare products and our large department for customer relations with over 30 skincare therapists gives you the best possible customer experience when it comes to suggestions and advice when choosing the right products for you. All of our skincare therapists have their own certified qualifications and are continuously expanding their knowledge through new courses within both current brands as well as the latest to appear on the market. We are happy to help you via our websites’ chat function, on the phone or via email. We will help answer your questions and give you the best advice when it comes to the right skincare products for you, as well as the best routine to go with it.


You are special to us and we like to show that with our unique “signature wrapping” experience; the top quality products that you order will be delivered with obvious thoughtfulness and style. From your first visit to the site until you open your parcel your experience should be filled with quality and love. We want to show how much you, as a customer, mean to us and that is why we always put that bit of extra effort into our packing ritual. Your parcel should feel as luxurious as the products you have ordered.

New favourites in every order

A Skincity toiletry bag is sent in every order and inside it you will find hand picked items tailored to you. We pick samples that compliment your order with the hope that you will find yourself a new favourite. The small bag is also perfect for storing products in your handbag.

Skincity bag as protective packaging

The Skincity bag is not just practical and recyclable, it also works as cushioning in our parcels. We use it instead of the usual protective packaging material which is normally just thrown away. The design of the bag is updated every season and occasionally comes in a limited edition design.

Our version of a little thank you

According to an old Asian tradition, a Kokeshi is given as a gift during certain celebrations - a tradition that we have been inspired by to make our own version. Skincitys Kokeshi has been around since the beginning and it is our show of thanks to you, our customers, for choosing us as your skincare clinic. They always have a limited edition design and have been somewhat of a collectors item for many.


The boxes that your items are sent in a produced in an FSC certified factory. The material is sourced via responsible forestry and they take care of both the people and the environment. They are made of 100% recycled cardboard and can be recycled along with your regular paper recycling. The boxes are designed to minimise material consumption. The bubble wrap can be placed with your regular plastic recycling.

The Skincity bag in “non-woven” design and the Skincity toiletry bag are both able to go in the plastic recycling. The toiletry bag is to be recycled without the zipper. The Skincity kokeshis are made of a material called Polyresin, which is 100% recyclable. This can go in with your regular plastic recycling. If you would like to skip on the kokeshi gift, there is an option at the checkout to do so.


Swedens Skincare therapists National Organisation, (Sveriges Hudterapeuters Riksorganisation) which was founded in 1955, is an association of certified skincare therapists within Sweden. It is a nation wide organisation without political or trade union ties, that works to raise and maintain the competence and quality levels within the beauty industry. .

SHRs members have a guaranteed degree and perform only professional treatments. Salons and clinics that are SHR approved hold a high standard within the branch and the SHR symbol is a guarantee that you as a customer are going to receive the very best possible help.

SHR logo

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