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Welcome to the Skin Guide

You can read about everything associated with skin and skincare here. Learn more about the characteristics of different skin types and skin conditions to find products that best suit your skin. Our skin therapists will guide you through the jungle of skincare, and share tips and advice on skincare and skincare products. If you would like to get personalized product recommendations, we suggest that you take our skin test.

  • Facts

    You will find facts about the skin, normal skin conditions and challenging skin problems in this section. Our skin therapists will give you facts and tips on how to treat the most common skin problems.

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  • Guides

    We give you useful advice on how to best use your skin care products with several simple step-by-step guides so that you will achieve a professional result in the comfort of your own home.

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  • Keep in mind

    Here we give our best tips and advice about what we think is important to keep in mind when using professional skin care products.

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  • Skin types

    Do you know what your skin type is and what skin conditions you actually have? In order to choose the right products it is important to get to know your skin and its needs. We teach you all about skin types and different skin conditions in this section.

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